Using us will cost less than hiring an employee!

Virtual assistants, also called virtual office assistants (VA’s), provides professional administrative assistance to clients remotely. You can have a personal or administrative assistant that doesn’t physically need to be in your office. By using us, you can grow your business, without growing your staff.

How we work:

If you have a few hours of administrative tasks at your business every month, that needs to be completed, you can make use of our services. To appoint somebody full time in your business to complete these admin tasks, can cost you extra money.

At Virtual Admin Consultants we complete these tasks on your behalf at an hourly rate. You only pay for the hours we work and not for hours spend on lunch, tea breaks, annual leave, sick leave, etc.

The hourly rates we quote, include phone calls, internet access, equipment, office space and stationary, on which you save money every month. You have no labour and personnel issues, no capital layout for equipment, furniture and technology. YOU SAVE MONEY ALL THE WAY!!

We can perform a lot of tasks in 1 hour, an hour that you can use to attend to your business and clients.

You can start working ON your business instead of IN your business!

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Why Us?

It is convenient and cost-effective to make use of our services. The internet is the most important way of communication, therefore we are the perfect solution to staff resource issues.

You can send tasks to us from your mobile, via email or Dropbox and distance is never a problem, since the growth of technology has paved the way for superior communications.

Using us will cost less than hiring an employee, so you can make use of our professional assistance. We work from our own offices, so there is no need to purchase office equipment, stationary, etc. Save office space.

You are assured of 100% optimal delivery and are only responsible for paying for the time (hours) we spent working on your behalf.

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What does our clients say?

Signrite Experts

Virtual Admin made a huge difference in my business by delegating all admin tasks to them that are time consuming for business owners like payroll, debtors collections and credit applications. This business heart pumps passion, integrity and great service and match 100% with our company’s culture.
Maryke KritzingerCEO Signrite Experts

Turnkey Event Solutions

We have been making use of Sanet van Heerden’s services in her capacity as administrative coordinator at Virtual Admin assistants for the past two years now. Sanet is very diligent and quick to respond to clients. She works very well with all kinds of clients, from the most abrasive to the nicest people with equal skill. She thinks on her feet, and can sum up a situation and think of a practical solution. Sanet was very quick to learn our systems, and since starting using her skills we have come to rely on her a lot more than we ever thought we would. Sanet is an integral part of our organisation, and we are very lucky to have found her.
Louis NelTechnical Coordinator at The Awards Show (Pty) Ltd

Schools that Rock

Ek wil julle graag hartlik bedank vir die uitstekende diens wat julle aan Schools That Rock lewer, Al die take word atyd vining en betyds gelewer en al julle werk is akkuraat en werklik van hoogstaande gehalte. Ek is baie dankbaar vir alles wat julle vir my ondernemig doen en ek is oortuig daarvan dat niemand ‘n beter diens as julle kan lewer nie. Ek sien daarna uit om nog ‘n lang pad met Virtual Admin te stap.