About us

Sanet van Heerden is the founder and managing director of Virtual Admin Consultants Pty Ltd, which was established in September 2014.

Sanet has 31 years administrative and sales experience. She started at Media 24 in 1984 as filing clerk, after that followed telesales, sales representative, classified admin manager.

She also worked for Krant Newspaper doing everything from filing, payroll, UIF, debtors and creditors, invoicing, client relations and classified advertisement sales.
Sanet was also employed at OFM in the classified department. Her responsibilities were classified advertisement sales for Bloemfontein Courant, online directory and website sales.

In 2014 she decided to start her own business, due to enquiries from friends with their own businesses to assist them with admin related tasks.
Admin is her passion!!

Together with a team of professional, highly skilled assistants, we are ready to help you.