Why Virtual Admin Consultants?

How does it work?

If you are a business with no admin personnel or a business with admin personnel with high volumes of admin, we can assist you in completing admin tasks in various fields. If you’re nearby we can arrange for an appointment, Skype or telephonic call. We determine your needs and bill you per hour for completed tasks. The first month we will get an idea of time spent on projects/tasks and arrange for a discussion again to provide a more detail quotation.


Save money:Focus on building your businessHighly trained and skilled personnel:
It is convenient and cost-effective to make use of our services. Internet is the most important way of communication, therefore we are the perfect solution to staff resource issues. Using us will cost less than hiring an employee, so you can make use of our professional assistance.As a business owner you can focus your energies on revenue generating projects and ventures. By delegating the work to us, you can take comfort in the knowledge that comes from knowing that you have reliable and professional support.We are professionals that have training and work experience in a variety of fields. Using us will guarantee that you get top notch service that is fast and efficient. Our administrative consultants cares about our business, offers superior service, are trustworthy, reliable and will deliver the work on time and as requested.
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Our Clients:

Louwna Erasmus
Cell: 084 668 8988
Nettie de Beer
Cell: 082 822 4538
John Edwin
Cell: 062 324 5202
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