Traditional Marketing Versus Online Marketing

Marketing your service or product to your audience is essential. If your product is not known to the audience, it is as good as being non-existent. Marketing your product is primary, but the channels used for marketing it are equally important. Digitization has seen many debates between traditional and online marketing. Online marketing is the new niche that has tools in abundance to boost your sales. In order to take full advantage of the internet world, one must make sure of having the right digital marketing agency that knows all the online tools perfectly.

Traditional Marketing consists of newspapers, radio announcements, yellow pages etc. Online Marketing consists of all the social media accounts, web development and search engine marketing.

With technology, the avenues of marketing have expanded. Today with more than half of the world having a smartphone and being continuously connected to the internet, the dynamics of marketing have certainly changed. But is it for the better? Let’s find out!

• Cost

There is a huge cost difference between traditional and online marketing. Creating an online advertisement to reach out to potential customers and people of the same industry cost a fraction of the price needed for traditional marketing. Certainly, the online world proves to be cost effective for advertisers.

• Engagement

Online marketing gives the company a chance to engage with the audience further more than traditional marketing. Being continuously active and replying immediately are some of the perks of being having an online presence. People are more likely to connect to you online on your website and other social media pages than noting down your number and giving you a call (even if it’s toll free!). The engagement process and chances are high online than offline.

• Measuring Numbers

Every advertiser wants to know the magic number! The number of people that the advertisement has reached out to. In traditional marketing, the advertisement can be put up strategically to reach out to targeted audience but the number of people reached is always going to be approximate number. On the contrary, in online marketing, not only the exact number of people reached is visible but also the demographics are created.

These are the advantages for your company or product having an online presence. With online marketing all the reports of the impact of an advertisement or a post gives a chance to the company to rectify their past mistakes and keep a track on business development via online marketing than traditional marketing.

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